Glaxon Partners with Biotech AI Leader Nuritas to Launch "Anomaly"

Glaxon Partners with Biotech AI Leader Nuritas to Launch “Anomaly”

Sports nutrition brand Glaxon has launched a revolutionary new supplement under the name Anomaly, partnering with Nuritas to use cutting-edge AI to release ingredients from nature in the form of powerful peptides.

The industry-leading herbal supplement will provide a wide range of benefits to an extremely diverse range of consumers who may need an extra muscle health boost – from sports enthusiasts to postmenopausal women. – including an increase in muscle performance, muscle recovery and muscle fatigue.

Anomaly is the first consumer product on the market to incorporate Nuritas’ groundbreaking PeptiStrong formula, which unlike other supplements, allows you to fully understand the precise benefit of the ingredient. PeptiStrong is derived from an unlocked peptide in beans and discovered by Nuritas’ unique AI platform, which has learned to “speak the language of life” to unlock powerful solutions using the largest database of peptide knowledge in the world.

Dr. Nora Khaldi, CEO and Founder of Nuritas, said: “The supplement market in particular presents us with a unique challenge and opportunity, as we have reached a point where most people in developed countries are now getting enough protein, yet they still struggle. with various muscle problems. We’ve pushed the diet and current supplement offerings as far as we can. The only way to improve further is to use something totally revolutionary and that’s where we come in. We’ve gone beyond nutrition and created a whole new category of nature-derived smart peptides that can boost the effectiveness of existing products.

Nuritas’ AI platform offers the ability to unlock effective plant-based solutions to a myriad of health problems, with a success rate up to 1,200 times higher than traditional R&D, in 80% of less time. Nuritas’ precision ingredient PeptiStrong takes sports nutrition beyond nutrition. Their muscle-building, anti-muscle atrophy and anti-inflammatory properties solve the problems of consumers subjected to calorie restriction, a vegan diet or extremely demanding workouts.

“People are a bit mind blowing. The app for athletes absolutely works. People are starting to use it in many ways, mainly those who are preparing for bodybuilding shows and want to maintain their muscle gains, but others are using it for bulking or strength and still getting results. said Joey Savage, chief scientific officer of Zero Day Nutrition, Glaxon’s parent company. Nuritas is the innovation partner of many US companies – including Nestlé, Mars, Sumitomo Corporation and Pharmavite – with a mission to help them develop greener, safer products that take natural efficacy to a new level.

“At a time when consumer demand for naturally derived ingredients is skyrocketing, we are thrilled to be working with such a beloved brand like Glaxon to bring PeptiStrong to people from all walks of life,” added Dr Khaldi. “The advantage of the Nuritas platform is that we can accelerate the discovery of peptides in plant-based foods that can bring tangible health benefits to consumers, enabling our partners to be game changers in their fields. The speed with which we were able to undertake clinical research and bring product to market is a testament to our world-class technology and team of scientists, and we are excited to continue innovating with new partners in nutrition, supplements , beauty and animal health.

Nuritas has recently consolidated its expansion from its home base of Dublin, Ireland into the US market, including recently announcing the construction of its North American headquarters near Yale, Connecticut, and the establishment of a global leadership team in the market, including CEO and Founder Dr. Nora Khaldi, Head of Americas Rizwan Khan, CSO Henri Molhuizen and CHRO Sean McGrath.

Anomaly retails for $89.99 and is available through Glaxon and GNC websites, as well as GNC stores across the United States.

About Nuritas

What if the future of smart ingredients was here but remained hidden from science? Using pioneering life sciences and artificial intelligence, Nuritas and our unique Nuritas MagnifierNπΦ enable us to identify, unlock, clinically test and patent peptides; transforming them into powerful and precise ingredients that increase natural efficacy. We want to empower people to live healthier lives, naturally by making our everyday products healthier, safer, greener and more effective – from what we eat, to what we apply to our skin, to what that we feed our livestock. By translating nature’s wisdom into innovation, together we can change the lives of billions of people.

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