Changes are coming to Wordle

Changes are coming to Wordle

By Frank Pallotta, CNN Business

Changes are coming for Wordle…again.

For starters, The New York Times this week named Tracy Bennett the new editor of Wordle, the wildly popular online puzzle game that gives players six chances to guess a five-letter word a day.

With an editor in place, The Times said the game is moving away from the pre-selected words of Josh Wardle, the creator of the puzzle. Instead, it will include words that The New York Times has chosen.

Also modification: the answer will never be a plural that ends in “s” or “es”. However, you can guess plural words to help you eliminate possible words.

Wordle is a daily five-letter puzzle that has taken over social media, but does being good at the game make you smarter than others?

“Wordle’s gameplay will remain the same, and answers will be drawn from the same basic dictionary of answer words, with some editorial tweaks to ensure the game remains focused on fun, accessible, lively, and varied vocabulary,” said said Everdeen Mason of The Times. ‘ editorial director of games, said Monday.

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Mason added that “when the answer list is organized, the much larger dictionary of English words that are valid guesses will not be organized. What solvers choose to use as guess words is their personal choice.”

Wordle turns into a board game

The Times bought Wordle for “low seven figures” earlier this year. It is part of the Times online games portfolio which includes crosswords and spelling.

Wordle, which was turned into a board game in July, has been a huge success for the news company, helping boost digital subscriptions for the paper.

“Wordle brought in tens of millions of unprecedented new users to The Times, many of whom stayed to play other games, leading to our best quarter for net subscriber additions at Games,” said the CEO Meredith Kopit Levien in the May earnings release.

– Jordan Valinsky of CNN Business contributed to this report.


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