Doom Eternal Composer Claims Soundtrack Was A 'Nightmare'

Doom Eternal Composer Claims Soundtrack Was A ‘Nightmare’

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In a Medium long article of 14,000 words, Eternal destiny composer Mick Gordon has accused id Software executive producer Marty Stratton of lying about the botched release of the official soundtrack and throwing it under the bus as the cause of his badly mixed tracks.

According to Gordon, working on the soundtrack of Eternal destiny was a nightmare from start to finish; both working on the game itself, including 11 months without pay; and later when he claims that id Software surprisedly announced that an OST album would be included in the game’s Collector’s Edition without first informing Gordon of any plans for such a project. In his new position, Gordon said he had to work 18-20 hour days to meet id’s deadline for the OST.

Gordon claims he was unable to hear the final soundtrack before its release and said the results of the OST’s “careless editing” and its “obvious technical flaws, errors and mistakes” left him dumbfounded.

“Alongside my direct contributions were an additional 47 tracks created by mis-editing pieces from my in-game score together,” he wrote. “They showed the same unthinking disregard for basic music fundamentals that plagued the draft edits id Software showed me a week earlier.”

Additionally, Gordon claims that he:

  • Never Approved Soundtrack Release
  • He was only paid eight months into production
  • He wasn’t told he would be working on the soundtrack until Eternal destinyThe collector’s edition of has been announced to the public
  • Stratton offered him a ‘six-figure sum’ to remain silent on the matter

Eternal destinyThe 59-track OST was tainted with controversy in 2020. When it was learned that Gordon had only mixed around 11 of the game’s 59 Collector’s Edition tracks, fans noted that the game’s tracks sounded “flat” compared to the quality of work found in the games. Gordon’s previous works. This led to harassment campaigns against id’s lead audio designer, Chad Mossholder, the person credited on the tracks fans had complaints with.

Coming to Mossholder’s defense, id producer Stratton made a long Reddit post in May of that year, claiming that a failure on Gordon’s part to submit his music on time led to the OST’s multiple delays, leaving Mossholder to pick up the pieces with the other four dozen tracks from the OST. Stratton concluded his post by saying that the company will not be working with Gordon for Eternal destiny‘s DLC and wished him luck in his future endeavours.

In today’s Medium blog, Gordon claims he and Stratton discussed his concerns over the failed OST release during a Skype call during which tensions simmered.

“After spending some time berating me for my lack of public support, he blamed the failure of the OST to be entirely my fault,” Gordon alleges. “I replied that it was not my decision to include 47 poorly edited tracks. I hadn’t even heard their last album before it came out. insisted that I take full public responsibility. I replied that there was absolutely no way I was blaming the fall for something I didn’t do.

Despite allegedly clearing the air with a at the end of the call and, at Stratton’s suggestion, agreeing to release a joint statement about the album’s repair plans, Gordon says Stratton decided to then doing his widely seen Reddit post that blamed the lackluster state of the OST. largely on Gordon.

“Marty’s message has seriously affected my professional and personal reputation. By releasing this statement, I am exercising my right to defend myself,” Gordon wrote on Twitter today. “It is a defense, not an unprovoked attack, issued with extreme reluctance only after all other attempts to address the issue have failed.”

My box has contacted Bethesda for comment.

“This statement is not an excuse for a hate campaign,” Gordon wrote at the end of his Twitter feed. “Acts of hate propagated online will not bring about any positive change. It only makes things worse.”

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