Inspur Announces Next Generation G7 Server Platform Supporting AMD EPYC 9004 Series Processors

Inspur Announces Next Generation G7 Server Platform Supporting AMD EPYC 9004 Series Processors

SAN JOSE, Calif., November 11, 2022 — Inspur Information, a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions, has launched its next-generation G7 server platform. The AMD CPU-based platform leverages the latest 5nm AMD EPYC 9004 processors to deliver powerful computing performance, high flexibility and scalability, capable of handling a wide range of computing scenarios, including virtualization, high performance computing, Big Data and AI. .

The G7 platform offers an 86% performance improvement and 110% floating point computing improvement over the previous generation A6 server platform. It’s the ultimate solution for almost any scenario that delivers exceptional time-to-results for your mission-critical applications with AMD EPYC 9004 Series processors.

Ultimate flexibility

The G7 server platform introduces a host of upgrades and innovations such as PCIe 5.0, DDR5 memory and E1.S/E3.S storage. The platform supports XGMI CPU interconnect and can release I/O resources on demand as needed. It supports two OCP expansion slots and has up to 160 PCIe 5.0 expansion lanes. E1.S/E3.S storage and DDR5 memory provide a 50% improvement in data read speeds. The combination of smaller size, greater storage density, higher cooling efficiency, and performance of over 10 million IOPS, provides customers with a highly scalable and dense computing platform . Compared to the previous generation, the GPU density of the 2U2S NF5280G7 model has increased by 100%.

The G7 server platform also supports multi-host NICs, allowing multiple CPUs to connect to a single NIC at the same time for better CPU network I/O balance, reducing CPU delays. access between processors and supporting the interconnection between several systems. Multiple compute and storage nodes can be interconnected through a single network card, improving data center performance by 150% and reducing costs by 30%.

Efficient Energy Savings

This huge computing power is backed by advanced air and liquid cooling. The hybrid air-liquid cooling design supports liquid cooling for high-power processors, while low-power modules such as hard drives and I/O cards use air cooling. This hybrid solution maximizes performance, maintainability and green energy savings. The introduction of the “T-type heat sink” design of air cooling effectively improves the heat dissipation efficiency. The platform also supports titanium power supply, which provides higher power conversion rate.

At the software level, intelligent control technology can adjust the server’s power supply, CPU, and fan to the lowest power consumption state without affecting performance. This dramatically reduces overall server power consumption and data center total cost of ownership.

Optimal security, reliability and management

The G7 server platform offers reliability from firmware to hardware. The redundant design of core components, such as power supply, BIOS and BMC, ensures stable and trouble-free operation. The power supply also has a fuse warning system, which provides high stability. Firmware/digital signature encryption, with secure chassis detection and a TPM Trusted Platform Module provides end-to-end security from underlying hardware to upper-layer applications.

Rich platform management is offered through O&M software suites including ISPIM, ISA, SQP, and ISMD for intelligent management and configuration to dramatically reduce O&M costs

“4e Gen AMD EPYC processors continue to raise the bar for workload performance in the modern data center while simultaneously delivering exceptional power efficiency. 4e Gen AMD EPYC processors will transform our customers’ data center operations by accelerating return on investment, lowering total cost of ownership, and helping companies achieve their sustainability goals,” said Ram Peddibhotla, vice-president President of EPYC Product Management at AMD.

“The G7 platform was designed with extensibility and flexibility at its core,” said Ricky Zhao, general manager, server product line, Inspur Information. “The expansion of PCIe 5.0, DDR5, OCP NIC, etc. provides incredible adaptability which we can then combine with the ultra-performance provided by the ultra-multi-core, ultra-high memory bandwidth, and E-throughput hardware architecture. /S ultra-wide. This is a platform that can be easily scaled to meet the needs of almost any scenario.”

The Inspur G7 Family of Server Platforms

The G7 platform is comprised of 5 unique designs, each excelling in specific scenarios:

  • NF5280G7 — Scalable rack server equipped with OCP NIC 3.0 expansion slots, an ideal solution for on-premises and cloud deployments.
  • NF5180G7 — 1U high-density IT rack server for maximum performance in a compact form factor.
  • NF5688G7 – Industry-proven, next-generation AI training server designed for the most demanding AI tasks, such as training trillion-parameter Transformer models.
  • NF5468G7 — Versatile, high-performance AI server in a 4U heterogeneous computing platform.
  • i24G7 — High-density optimized multi-node server that fits into a standard 2U rack suitable for high performance computing and virtualization.

To learn more about the G7 family of server platforms, follow this link.

About Inspur

Inspur is a leading provider of data center and cloud computing solutions, named by Gartner as one of the top 3 server manufacturers in the world. Through engineering and innovation, Inspur aspires to deliver robust, performance-optimized solutions purpose-built to meet emerging technology challenges and areas.

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