5 Queer Celebrity Couples Who Met Online Before Hooking Up IRL

In the age of online dating, stars are very much like us as they swipe left and Insta-stalk straight down the path to true love.

Whether they went looking for a hookup on a dating app or found it by accident while browsing social media, many celebrities have found their matches through the internet. That includes LGBTQ celebrities, of course.

Scroll down for five gay couples who met online and are (mostly!) still together to this day.

Instagram may not be a dating app per se, but neither is it not a dating app. Such was the case when Jwan Yosef’s art stopped Ricky Martin dead in his scroll.

“I met Jwan through Instagram, believe it or not,” Ricky revealed in an episode of Paramount+’s redesign. behind the music. “I saw his art and I was like, ‘Who’s the artist? and he was like ‘Jwan Yosef’, and I was like ‘That’s such a cool name, but I want to see his face.’ And then when I saw his face, I said, ‘Okay, it’s over. What a handsome man.

“We texted for six months, then six months later I flew to London, where he was living, and I said, ‘Well, let’s meet,'” the singer continued. “When I got out of the car and saw him, I said, ‘Whoa. Wait a minute, I think he’s the man of my life and I think I’m going to marry him.

It turned out that the feeling was mutual. The couple married in 2017 and have four children together.

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Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor

Actor Holland Taylor, best known for his roles in The practice and two and a half menslipped into current partner Sarah Paulson’s DMs.

Paulson, who has starred in several Ryan Murphy series, shared the couple’s origin story during a 2019 appearance on Watch what’s happening live.

“It’s a long story,” she told host Andy Cohen and fellow guest Billy Eichner. “We met a long, long time ago. I was with someone else, and so was she.

She continued: “There was a Twitter thing that happened. We were doing a thing at Martha Plimpton’s house. It was for an organization she worked with, and we were both doing a little message of interest public for her. We kind of bonded and started following each other on Twitter.

The May/December power couple have been inseparable since they started dating in 2015.

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In 2018, Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon revealed he made the ultimate Tinder match. The only problem? Her dream date Jussi-Pekka Kajaala was living in Finland.

The two hit it off on the app, texted for “several months,” and then “started hanging out a bit more, because we were both really busy,” Rippon said. People.

Sometimes the long distance pays off! On the last day of 2021, the couple got married. They married in a small private ceremony on New Year’s Eve – the only guest was their dog, Tony.

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Tan & Rob France

weird eye Fashion guru Tan France has been married to her husband, Rob, since 2007. And the couple have a dating site to thank for making the match easy.

After a few dates, they learned that they had more in common than they first thought. Tan was raised by Pakistani parents in a Muslim family and Rob grew up in a Mormon family.

“It made it easier to date someone who had similarities to me. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke,” France told the NYPost in 2018. “We practice some of the practices of our religions. We don’t practice them all, we practice what works for us.

The couple currently live in Salt Lake City where they are raising a son, born in 2021.

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In 2018, Orange is the new black and Invent Anna Star Laverne Cox has revealed she’s “in love” with a man she met on Tinder.

“It’s amazing, it really is,” she told Access Hollywood. “It’s like love is incredibly healing. It’s weird talking about it on TV, but I’m so happy. When you’re happy, like…love saves life.

“I met his parents too, everyone gets on well, his family is great, my mother likes him, it’s good!”

She also said it was far from her first attempt at connecting to Tinder.

“I’m a Tinder girl. When I broke up with my ex, I went back to Tinder, because I feel like if you want to date you have to be on the apps. You have to be on the apps to be in the game.”

The couple separated in 2019 and Cox has since embarked on a new relationship.

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