Reported interrupted by elephant wins the internet (image via Instagram)

WATCH: Baby elephant interrupts journalist in Kenya and leaves the internet spellbound

Journalist Alvin Patterson Kaunda was interrupted while reporting by an elephant trying to tickle him with its trunk.

The KBC reporter was interrupted by the animal, named Kindani, while reporting from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya. The Wildlife Trust is a non-profit animal rehabilitation center for elephants and rhinos.

Alvin himself shared the video on his Instagram account (@alvin.kaunda) and captioned it:

“3 out of 5 out of the big 5. Great experiences so far behind the scenes… Wait for it!! 😂 @sheldricktrust.”

The video shows Alvin seriously reporting the case at first, with three tuskers playing behind him. Eventually, one of them, using her trunk, starts tickling Kaunda playing with his ear and nose until he bursts out laughing.

The elephant that interrupted a journalist wins the hearts of netizens

The video, which shows Kindani interrupting a KBC News reporter, has been viewed more than 73,000 times since its release. The hilarious clip begins with reporter Kaunda explaining what the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust does.

He explains how the Trust serves as an orphanage for tuskers who learn lessons and live their lives in the wild and adds:

“They say charity begins at home, and for these young orphan elephants, this charitable foundation is what they call home. It’s where they discover and learn life’s lessons, make the experience love and struggle with loss.”

However, before Alvin could continue, he was interrupted by baby Kindani as she began to run her trunk over him. As Alvin tried to keep talking about the man-made effects disrupting the animal ecosystem, he didn’t stand a chance against the 4-year-old animal.

When they saw the video, Internet users could not help but be charmed by it and use it as a good laugh. While some thought it was the “cutest thing” they had seen all day, others were happy the reporter shared the video.

If you could laugh, with a bit of joy, then watch this! It’s simply impossible not to laugh watching this baby elephant disrupt a TV reporter’s report!

Baby elephant disturbing a TV reporter is the best part of today.

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