Warzone 2.0 Map Guide: All Al Mazrah Locations & Points of Interest

Warzone 2.0 Map Guide: All Al Mazrah Locations & Points of Interest

Coinciding with the highly anticipated release of Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty’s free-to-play battle royale game Warzone gets a facelift with an all-new map, Al Mazrah.

Starting from the tropical breeze of Caldera, Warzone 2.0 now embraces the desert heat of Al Mazrah, located in the fictional republic of Adal. With new towns, landmarks, and stone ruins in place, players will have new locations to learn.

Some of these locations are also maps in Modern Warfare 2, so those who’ve dabbled in multiplayer before should find them quite familiar.

Here’s a quick guide to all the locations you need to know in the new Warzone 2 map, Al Mazrah.

A guide to the new Warzone 2 map and its POIs

Warzone 2 map with sectors
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Sector 1: Al Mazrah North-West

  • Area 1A: Oasis
  • Area 1B: Taraq Village
  • Zone 1C: Western Foothills
  • Zone 1D: Rohan Refinery
  • Zone 1E: Al Safwa Quarry

In the northwest region of Al Mazrah, players will find a vast landscape of oasis, roadside ruins, and three main locations: Taraq Village, Rohan Oil Refinery, and Al Quarry. -Safwa.

Taraq Village seems like the safest place to drop off, loot, and find a quick ambush. The POI has plenty of structures that give you cover, vantage points, and hiding places.

If you’re looking for quick loot and fast fights, Rohan Oil is the place to be. The oil complex is mostly an open area with tents and worker quarters on the sides. Opponents can scale the many silos and tanks, so always keep an eye out for trigger-happy snipers.

Similar to Rohan Oil, Al Safwa Quarry is a vast industrial complex nestled deep in the western foothills of Al Mazrah. If you’re looking to get a good vantage point for enemies in the open, landing in the Upper Mountain Compound would be best. However, your best bet for loot would be right in the middle of the complex where the cranes and factories are.

Sector 2: Al Mazrah North-East

  • Zone 2A: Industrial North
  • Zone 2B: Western Periphery
  • Area 2C: City of Al Mazrah
  • Zone 2D: Eastern Periphery
  • Zone 2E: southern periphery
  • Zone 2F: Zarqwa Hydroelectric
  • Zone 2G: Magnificent Marshes
  • Zone 2H: Eastern suburbs

Sector 2 features the map’s dense metropolitan district, the city of Al Mazrah. You can expect a plethora of buildings you can explore, including a police station, high-rise buildings, and even an embassy, ​​potentially making this the biggest hotspot on the map.

If the hustle and bustle of city life isn’t for you, you can head to the eastern suburbs, where you might have a looting spree. The location is home to a market, a shopping mall, and a highway that crosses the entire city.

Zarqwa Hydroelectric is another important location you need to know for map rotations. The village has a handful of historical monuments, housing complexes and industrial buildings. Since Zarqwa is near the middle of the map, you can expect scattered Operators and Squads to eventually make their way here once the ring is closed.

Sector 3: Al Mazrah West

  • Zone 3A: Sattiq Caves Complex
  • Area 3B: Port Hafid
  • Area 3C: Sa’id City

The crown jewel of the western sector is a deep network of underground hideouts just below the town of Sattiq. The Sattiq cave complex is a great place to sit and catch opponents unfamiliar with the maze-like structure of the place.

While the exterior of the Sattiq Cave complex is mostly made up of ramshackle villages and outposts, players can visit the more established coastal sites of Hafid Port and Sa’id City. Some of the key landmarks include the Hafid Port Oil Pier and Sa’id City Football Stadium.

Sector 4: Al Mazrah Zaya Observatory and Mountains

  • Zone 4A: Northwest Mountain
  • Area 4B: Zaya Observatory
  • Zone 4C: Al Sharim Pass
  • Area 4D: Ahkdar Village

Sector 4 is a difficult place to reach as it is sandwiched between four other sectors. As soon as the circle closes, it is to be expected that many players will pass through this sector.

Although a mid-game hotspot, players can find solid positions at Zaya Observatory or Ahkdar Village.

As the highest point in Al Mazrah, the Observatory provides an excellent vantage point across the entire map. Once you’ve cleared this location of early drop-ins, your opponents will have all the way to reach the location’s main hub. We’re talking zigzag roads, bridges and steep terrain.

Once in the village of Ahkdar, you are bound to be captivated by the sights. The World Heritage Site consists of a central courtyard, a large bazaar and modern apartments. With the POI having narrow alleys and maze-like buildings, squads are ready for close-range firefights here.

Sector 5: Al Mazrah Southwest

  • Zone 5A: El Samman Cemetery
  • Area 5B: Village of Sawah

With only two major landmarks, Sector 5 is the perfect place for those who want to avoid the fights and play the long game.

The fortified cemetery of El Samman can be considered the first straw for the southwestern region. From this abandoned location, you have access to other residential structures in all directions for further looting.

Just south of the graveyard, you’ll find the sunken village of Sawah. Al Mazrah’s Atlantis, Sawah, is home to a few unique sites, such as the covered market and the stranded tanker.

Sector 6: Al Mazrah South

  • Area 6A: Exchange Bay
  • Zone 6B: Al Malik Airport
  • Area 6C: Al Bagra Fortress

Similar to Sectors 3 and 5, the Southern Region is home to three coastal locations: Sarrif Bay, Al Bagra Fortress, and Al Malik Airport.

Although it has the usual inland area of ​​residential buildings and gas stations, Sarrif Bay has its own peninsula Lighthouse, Eastern Fishing Bay and Resort. With swimming now a mechanic in Warzone 2, you and your team can bathe and observe your enemies from the shore.

Al Bagra Fortress is a fortified island town located just southeast of Sarrif Bay. A single road near the bridge and the entrance to the cistern leads there, but it seems that you can also swim to the shores of the island.

Al Malik Airport features a more modern architecture, with multi-storey car parks, warehouses, an airport terminal and a control tower. When looting it would be best to stay away from the long dilapidated track, the most open area of ​​the entire POI.

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