Improving fulfillment efficiency and testing/deploying AI decision-making capabilities top grocers' digital priorities for 2023

Improving fulfillment efficiency and testing/deploying AI decision-making capabilities top grocers’ digital priorities for 2023

Incisiv and Wynshop’s Grocery Doppio industry research platform reveals the latest information on the state of digital grocery in its October performance dashboard.

NEW YORK and MIAMI, November 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Incisive, a next-generation industry analytics firm that helps retailers and brands navigate digital disruption, and Wynshopthe leading provider of digital commerce and fulfillment solutions for local retailers, today released the results of its State of Digital Grocery Performance Dashboard for October 2022, which includes grocers’ outlook for 2023.

As the end of the year nears, grocery store Doppio this month asked grocers some additional questions about their plans for digital growth in 2023. Here are some of the results:

  • Spending on digital will 2.3% increase even though overall technology budgets will decrease by about 1% next year.

  • The three most popular investments will be execution efficiency (77%)followed by digital basket size retention (67%) and System-wide inventory data accuracy/transparency (55%).

  • AI Decision Capabilities (18%) is the new technology that grocers plan to test and deploy the most in 2023, followed by robotics for production (15%).

This information and other data is now available for download at Double Grocerya free, independent source of grocery information and data designed to help grocers start, accelerate and sustain digital growth.

Grocery Doppio’s “State of Digital Grocery Performance Scorecard” for October 2022

The monthly Digital Grocery Performance Status Dashboards are one of the many resources available on the Grocery Doppio website. The reports are built around analysis of data from 1.5 million shopper orders and survey results from more than 18,000 shoppers and 1,800 grocery store executives in the United States.

Other key findings from the October 2022 The performance dashboard includes:

  • The share of digital in the overall grocery market has rebounded
    —After falling in September, digital grocery sales hit $11.8 billion in October
    —This represents a jump of 12.4% since September
    —Digital’s share of the overall grocery market was 14.9% in October, the highest share of the total digitally controlled grocery market since January 2022, when it reached 15.2 %

  • Digital basket size increased in October
    —Digital shopping carts averaged one more item in October than in September
    —Overall basket size also increased, averaging 4.5% more than in September; This comes on top of a 10.2% increase in Q3 2022 compared to Q3 2021
    -TO $79.9 in October, the average digital basket size continues to eclipse the average store basket size, which itself grew modestly to reach $49.7 in October

  • Share of Grocery Pickup Sales Continues to Rise
    —Total pickup truck sales increased to $6.3 billion in October, an increase of $0.8 billion on september
    —This growth has extended pickup’s lead over delivery as a fulfillment method, giving it a 53.7% share of all digital grocery orders, compared to just 46.3% for delivery.

  • Sales from third-party vendors fell further
    —Digital grocery sales through third-party vendors grew by barely $0.1 billion September to October
    — This led to a drop of nearly 2% in the share of third parties in digital, from 22.7% in September to 20.9% in October
    —Third-party market share is now down nearly 7% since Grocery Doppio started tracking in Q2 2022

“Execution efficiency is clearly a priority for grocery leaders in 2023,” said Gaurav Pant, Chief Knowledge Officer of Incisiv and Grocery Doppio. “The ability to accurately represent available inventory and get orders quickly and efficiently into the hands of buyers will be a key competitive differentiator in the coming year.”

“The data shows with great clarity the shift in strategy by grocers since the start of the pandemic,” said Charlie Kaplan, Chief Strategy Officer of Wynshop. “It’s no longer just the biggest players leaning into digital. Local and regional grocers have upped their game to effectively compete with third-party vendors, and now more and more grocers prefer to buy direct.”

Each month, Grocery Doppio brings together rich, research-driven food content, factual insights, inspiring insights and in-depth performance benchmarks that identify opportunities for improvement for food retailers. The site is designed specifically to help grocery and food executives optimize their digital and in-store channels and accelerate their growth profitably.

To download the “State of Digital Grocery Performance Scorecard: October 2022” from Grocery Doppio, Click here.
For a look back at Grocery Doppio’s Q3 2022 performance dashboard, Click hereand for S1 2022 click here.

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